Friday, July 30, 2010

The Wonderful Things Pregnancy and a C-Section Do for the Body

So, I've been spending the last 5-ish weeks going a little crazy thinking about how to get myself back into shape. I haven't been able to do much of anything, physically, since my c-section- they even restricted me from driving for 6 whole weeks! And, as annoying as it has been, I must say, that on days that I've done more than I know I should, I always feel like poop after. But, I'm at the end of the 5 week, so I thought I was pretty much good to go. I started walking Owen in his stroller yesterday- we went once around our apartment complex in the morning, and then once around in the evening, with Craig. I felt really good...

Then this morning, Owen and I went again- and tonight, boy I am feeling it! My stomach and leg muscles are screaming in protest, but all I can think is "I've got to get out there again!"

This baby weight is not fun...I think, if I'm remembering correctly, I gained 40 lbs during this pregnancy (funny how this is suddenly and the second week after Owen was born, I went to the doc and found out I lost 20 lbs of that weight (all I can say is "wow"?! He only weighed a little less than 9 of that- so the rest was water and other fun stuff. ha!) so, I have another 20 to go, before I hit pre-preggo weight. Which, I'm not too worried about getting there- it's just how long will it take?! I'm most frustrated because I have nothing to wear!

My maternity clothes are huge on me, but my regular clothes are too tight. Of course, guess where I seem to have gained the most weight (that I didn't notice while I was pregnant, it really just seemed like it was all belly. See:

Now, though, I'm realizing that my already enormous butt is even more enormous, and so are my thighs. Right where we want it, right ladies?! haha. Also, ALSO, I don't have a single stretch mark on my belly (and I do thank you, God, for that) but, I did get them on my boobs (thank you, engorgement) and the sides (the sides!) of my derriere! HA! So, I guess my boobs just couldn't handle the sudden change in size (on one hand, I was thinking, "finally, what I've always wanted!" haha)...but what I don't understand is my rear!?! It already had a life of it's own, was not lacking for room for future growth (lol) so why stretch marks there?! Right where a bikini won't cover up. Are you kidding me?! :-) Just keeping it real.
Anyway, I made a joke about this before, but I do have to let everyone know that Owen had a poopy diaper today, and it actually is a celebration for us! He literally goes about 2 days between poops and it starts to worry us, and he gets so fussy. His pediatrician said this is normal, but my God, the smell is horrible! I actually heard that some breastfed babies go a whole week without pooping! Ay yi yi. :)

...Lastly, I am supposed to go to dinner tonight with a couple of friends, but I am getting cold feet. I haven't left Owen for more than a 40 minute trip to the store (one time!) since he made his debut. It's not that I worry his Daddy can't handle it on his own, because he can. He's an amazing's just that I don't think I can handle being away from him this soon! As stir-crazy as I am, and as much as I've been wanting to get out, I think I'm going to have to pass! I just hope no one gets too upset with me.

Speaking of friends (I swear, I'm almost finished) I have had a couple of friends who are really awesome. I hope they know who they are, because I try to let them know, often, how much I love them and appreciate them. But, something that has been bothering me, is the absence of two of my (formerly) closest friends...I would've hoped that these two people would have been more present in my life during my pregnancy and in Owen's life since he's arrived- but all I've heard from both is a quick "congrats" or "aww, cute pic" in the form of a facebook notification. That truly bums me out. However, I digress, because I do know who I can count on, and I do have some truly great friends who I appreciate and adore so much!

Well, enough for now- off to homework and making a decision about dinner out or not!

♥ Belle ♥

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  1. Well, you're probably getting tired of everyone reassuring you...but Jess, you're as beautiful now as you were pre-pregnancy.